Easy Health Expense

Automatic Expense scanning to save time and effort

Keep your data in one secure location, independant of Insurers and Revenue

All data fully encrypted and secured


Scan Expenses

Uploaded expenses are automatically scanned. We do the typing for you..!



Analyse how much you spend including insurance cover vs how much you claim back.



Revenue refund amounts are automatically calculated.

Leave the typing to us

Uploaded expenses are automatically scanned and the details recorded

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Expense Scanning for minimal effort

We scan and extract relevant details from your uploaded expenses, eliminating the need for manually entry.

Confirm and categorise

After your expense is scanned, confirm the details and categorise the expense.

Review & Edit Expenses

View, add or edit expenses accross any period for any family member

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Analyse expenses

At the click of a button, see a cost analysis of your expenses

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